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Vienti Global

We are passionate
to see our people succeed
and achieve in every way.

About us

We are a leading entrepreneurship and business academy with the sole aim of raising successful and wealthy individuals thru our different platforms.

Our entrepreneurship package trains and prepares our students by the experts on each chosen field to meet international standard and acceptance. Our business platform exposes our members to different lucrative businesses that has the potential to generate lasting wealth.

Our Dedicated Team

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Tina Mordi
Founder, VIENTI

“Success is making our clients succeed. Nothing else matters.”

Emeka Uchenna
Co-Founder, VIENTI

“Success is making our clients succeed. Nothing else matters.”

We’re all about helping you reach your next
financial goal, Skill aquisition and Empowerment.


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Farm Produce Sold Valued at
N35 Million+


What People Say About us!

Going into farming has never been easy with VEABA, i was able to invest in farming without stress and my profit came in timely with no stories.

Emeka Onyemere
Retired Civil Servant

I will sure choose VEABA again anything the need arises, i cant wait to join your new empowerment session again.

Kunle Banjoko

VEABA is like my second hustle, lol. Whenever im in need of extra cash, im on the VEABA REward commnunity to earn fast cash.

Blessing Oyinye
Bead Maker

I try to leverage on VEABA audience to promote my products and ever since, i can tell you that %50 of my sales comes from the VEABA Store.

Anthony Onyemere.
Business Man

i found out about VEABa few months ago when i was looking for where to get extra skill to enhance my profesion, my time at VEABA learning was priceless

Bamidele Akinwunmi
UI/UX Designer